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Bamboo Cocktail Picks

Bamboo Cocktail Picks

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The blunt toothpicks are made of high-quality natural bamboo. The flat and thin handle of the wooden branch is easier to grasp than ordinary picks, and the end can easily string food, but it is not sharp. 


Serve appetizers and finger foods with these handy picks that act like mini forks. This 2-prong bamboo pick makes it easy to pick up small or large-sized appetizers. They can be served right in the food, or in a small vessel beside your appetizers.


Featuring a sharp point, these food picks cleanly and easily pierce through all types of dishes while ensuring they stay intact. Effortlessly and quickly assemble mini bites for guests to enjoy during a restaurant happy hour or wedding cocktail hour.


This bamboo food pick is an eco-friendly alternative to wood and plastic picks because it's renewable and it decomposes instead of cluttering up a landfill. Use the pick to hold your signature sandwiches and wraps together and dispose of them later without fear of environmental hazards.
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