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Bamboo Knotted Stick

Bamboo Knotted Stick

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Bamboo knot skewers are made of natural wood, which is durable, friendly, and safe to use. Pick skewers definitely look good and are robust and are very suitable for cold appetizers and even for hot appetizers after they have been removed from the oven.


These bamboo skewers feature a knotted design, allowing guests to easily grab bite-sized treats from platters or displays. They provide a secure grip while enjoying appetizers or desserts.


This product is a one-time-use item. As a disposable item, they help reduce the time required to clean up after events or parties, or in restaurant kitchens. One-time use items can be a more sanitary alternative to reusable items.


These disposable knotted picks can be widely used for indoor and outdoor catering events, companies, parties, restaurants, weddings, birthday parties, food trucks, cafes, buffets, and other facilities. These beautiful knotted sticks can be used as a gifting item for family and friends.
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